My name is Ileana and I’m 26 years old. I was born and raised in Mexico City where I lived till I was 15.
My mother then fell in love with a Dutch man and that is how I came to live in The Netherlands.

Although it isn’t nice and easy to leave my family & friends behind, I really enjoy my life here now.
I learned to speak Dutch, I have many friends and people who love me, I’ve been living on my own for over six years now, I accomplished a Bachelor degree in Tourism and there are still a lot of other amazing things to come!

From Scratch & Wine is something I’d like to try out. I want to share my love and passion for tasty food and wine. A recipe from scratch with a lovely glass of wine. ;)

This doesn’t mean I’m a pro at cooking or wine tasting but I’m sure I can offer some tips & tricks.

From Scratch & Wine also represents me because I’m made from scratch too; I’m a very independent woman and I’m not afraid of trying new things in my life. Wine stands for all those good moments with friends and family we get to enjoy.

I will show you more about me through posts about my daily life.


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