Wine O’clock #2 – Champagne

A wine o’clock is either a fun trivia or a cool fact about wine.
Did you know…?

Champagne exists thanks to the advent of the bottle and the cork. Champagne wines were in the 16th century, still not very common.

Carbonated wine could hardly be transported over long distances. The wine  barrels, the only wine package that was allowed in the monarchy, exploded under the pressure of sparkling wine.

The English were the first to use bottles for transporting wine . The bottles and the Portuguese cork solved this problem.

Fortunately for  the champagne region  there was Dom Perignon. This Benedictine monk  was cellar master of the Abbey of Hautvillers. He rediscovered the properties of cork. He used cork instead of wood to close the bottles and so he perfected the way of sealing the bottles.

The cork , as we know it, was born.

Ps. Next time, more about the cork. ;)


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