Wine O’clock #3 – Cork

A wine o’clock is either a fun trivia or a cool fact about wine.
Did you know…?

The cap or cork of a bottle is important for the lifetime of the wine. Over the years, there have been different materials used for sealing bottles, but the cork still dominates. It remains ideal for sealing wine bottles because it stays in place under pressure and it lets the wine age properly.
Cork trees grow only in Portugal and in areas west of the Mediterranean Sea. Every 12 years, the oaks are peeled, but only the fourth, fifth and sixth time delivers high quality cork.
Producing cork takes a lot of time. There are at least two winters in between from the moment the cork is harvested until it is ready. It takes over a year to produce high quality cork for wine bottling.
Some wine producers are already using plastic corks or screw caps, this alternative wine closures function fine. But, this plastic corks and screw caps are used only for wines to be drunk within three years; young white and red wines. The impact of such a closure for the long-term is not yet known.
Maybe we just have to wait a few years and taste the difference…?



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