Red wine Finca LABARCA


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Wine Finca LABARCA Vintage 2011
Grapes Tempranillo % Alcohol 13,50%
Producer Bodegas Covila Country – Region Rioja, Spain
Ideal pairing Grilled meat or a chesse plate
Price ±€5
Wine-tasting Appearance It has a deep, dark red color
Nose Friuty smell, like from berries.
Taste Rich flavour, you can taste the soft tannins and acidity.
Opinion I must say that I enjoyed this glass of wine. Because of my lack of knowledge  about wine, I always choose one that I’ve tried & liked before.
Even the taste of the tannins didn’t bother me.

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Additional information

The ‘Tempranillo’ is the main grape of Spain, even though sometimes use areas their own name for the grape. In Rioja is often used in assemblies with other grapes such as Garnacha, Mazuelo and Cabernet Sauvignon. Good tempranillo wines are long lasting.

La Rioja is the leading wine region of Spain. This region is ideal for wine by:

The height, making it a cooler weather;
The funnel shape of the Ebro valley, the influence of the sea is very noticeable;
The clay-limestone soil, which promotes the elegance of the wines.

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