Le Caprice de Clementine


Wine Le Caprice de Clementine Vintage 2012
Grapes Cinsault and Grenache % Alcohol 13%
Producer Les Valentines SARL Country – Region Côtes de Provence, France
Ideal pairing It suits a summery dish like a salad, even with pizza, pasta with vegetables or bread with tapenade.
Price ±10
Wine-tasting Appearance It has a beautiful hue.
Nose Fresh and lively
Taste It has a nice level of acidity that enhance its light and refreshing taste
Opinion I bought this wine at Nice while I was visiting a friend. At first I was attracted by its label.  Once back at home, I opened the bottle at let me tell you: It tastes as good as it looks, the kind of wine you can keep drinking without noticing ;)




The appellation  Côtes de Provence is famous for its rose wines. The pale rose wines have a pleasant and subtle scent of fresh red fruit, mixed with spices and licorice.


This grape loves the heat. It is used in the composition and gives the wine a smooth and light character.


Wine from Grenache grapes is rich in alcohol and it also is slightly acidic.

A fresh and fruity rose wine is supposed to be enjoyed young. Serve at 8-10 °C.






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