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I like to watch TV. Set my brain off after a hard day at work. I work at the F&B department of a museum in Amsterdam, it’s a children’s museum. Although I do like children, if they are present in large numbers, I find them annoying. They run around and they don’t talk but scream!  Anyway, thatwasn’t the point of my post today.

 As I said before, I like watching TV, specially cooking shows … I enjoy watching famous chefs making their dishes and it all seems so simple. The disadvantage of such a tv show is that they let you hungry.

 You can’t smell nor taste the dishes, which I think it’s a pity. But there is a solution …there are several food events all year long that you can visit to learn about different cuisines.

 I got an invite to World Food Festival in Rotterdam (at the Netherlands). From 19 September to 27 October. Yes, you read that right! For five weeks you get  to visit the exhibition for free although some events do ask a small contribution.

 The latest trends in the field of food will be presented and there will also be workshops, lectures and cooking demonstrations. Some ‘food designers’ will be there and a couple of Dutch chefs will give a glimpse into their kitchen using cooking demonstrations. As a special guest Cees Helder will be present. He is the first chef in The Nederlands with 3 stars!

This event seems very promising. Once I’ve been there, I will give an impression of what I thought of it.


Where: Museum Park, Rotterdam (main location, festival is throughout the city)

When: From 19 September to 27 October

             Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday, 12:00 to 17:00

             Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 12:00 to 20:00

More info: World Food Festival


Until the next time… Cheers!

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