Learning about wine

oeps.. where did i go?

I’ve been drinking wine for almost since i can remember. Well, actually since i am old enough to drink alcohol.
I like wine and cocktails but it doesn’t mean I know what i am actually drinking. I usually go to the liquor store to buy the same bottle of wine for a couple of times until I get bored of the taste or I just want to try something else. I then choose an other brand and I repeat the cycle all over again.

I even considered taking a wine class but because the classes aren’t really that cheap, I decided to try to learn something more about wine by myself… so i bought a book.

I will tell you today something I’ve read this far about the phenomenon of wine.

Wine is not complicated, wine is the result of the alcoholic fermentation of grapes. (okay, we all knew that but I had to remind you) All wines can still be very different from one an other; with different types of grapes, colors, flavors and price.

The taste differences between wines can be great. The products of two neighboring vineyards can differ greatly, while the taste of wines from different parts of the world can taste alike. These differences arise from the characteristics of the grape or grapes or all which would result from the process of fermentation and maturation.

Wine is actually a cultural product. Man has an important influence on the final result. The modern winemaker exerts influence and tries to control the entire process from grape to wine

From vineyard to vine… from vine to wine making… from vinification to legislation and labeling… from labeling to our table.

I will try to go deeper into this subjects in coming weeks.

Until the next time… Cheers!


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