Learning about wine



Wine comes in three basic colors;

White: what actually is light yellow

Rosé: it can be very light or still pretty dark

Red: it’s usually between burgundy and dark brown

Besides these three colors, there are also green (vinho verde) and black (Cahors) but whether it is a marketing thing …


The color of a wine is its most important property.

The color of the wine is determined by the color of the skin of the grape

with which it has been developed as well, a white wine comes from green or white
grapes, a rosé would get briefly steeping wort skin grapes and red wine steeping
wort obtained from the skin of the grapes to achieve the desired color.

In general, the color can say a lot about the age and stage of development of the wine.

Time causes significant changes in the color of wine, red wines become lighter and the white wines darken, therefore, keeping wine for a longer period than advised would be a drawback.


A wine ages slowly, gradually loses its fruity aromas and flavors are replaced by more complex, causing the process to finish and losing structure, the wine will not longer improve and actually it will begin to degrade.

The wine’s color can range from dark purple, to various shades of red, reaching a color similar to a light colored tile.

During the process of keeping wine for a long time,  wine color can lose its brightness
and intensity, his characteristic bright red when young would be gone,
along with the complex aromas. It is the same with white wines and this process is easily detectable, in fact, white wines don’t need long before they start to darken.


Sweet & Dry

All wines whit a semi-dry or medium dry label are actually sweet. All wines (except the
grapes affected by ‘Noble Rot’) are naturally dry or acid.

The sweet taste occurs when the fermentation is stopped before all the sugar is set into
alcohol or because  grape juice or sugar is added.

Moreover, almost all red wines dry.

Disclaimer: No wine was spilled during this blog ;)

Until the next time… Cheers!

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