Wine ice cream

You can find ice cream and sorbets in all sorts of flavors and combinations. I especially like the citrus sorbets because of the freshness.

Anyway.. I guess I found the most delicious ice cream ever, namely; ‘Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream‘. I must admit I haven’t try it because I couldn’t find it anywhere in The Netherlands. I may be able to buy it online but I haven’t heard from the reseller yet.

As I was searching for an other selling address I sadly noticed that there are only two Mercer’s ice cream stores in the USA. So if you already tasted  it, let me know how good it was.


It is available in six flavors;



Cherry Merlot
Chocolate Cabernet
Peach White Zinfandel
Red Raspberry Chardonnay



I must say I’m intrigued to know how it tastes. I even may try to make my own version of wine ice cream.


This ice cream contents 5% alcohol,  a glorious adult treat if you ask me ;)

Until the next time… Cheers!

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